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I like to express my endless thanks to all the people without whom I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing for their different support I express deep gratitute.

To My Parents for this precious human birth.

I pay hommage to the Lotus Feet of my precious Gurus, Ven. Rilbur Rinpoche and Zopa Rinpoche for their unlimited Compassion and Enlightened Life. www.fpmt.org

My respectful gratitude to Ven. Sogyal Rinpoche for his supportive talks and full understanding of the Western way of thinking. www.rigpa.org

All my Gratitude to Ajay Pal Singh for his support, guidance and unlimited Love. www.AjayPalSingh.in

Profound respect and gratitude to Shanti Mark Koppikar for his radical teachings, his powerful presence and the introduction to Pure Consciousness.

Endless thank you, and profound gratitude to Jaya Ashmore and Gemma Polo from Open Dharma for their openness and continuous support. www.opendharma.org

Sharat Arora, in Dharamsala for his profound knowledge. info@hiyogacentre.com

Emil Wendel, in Goa and Bali, for numerous transforming teachings on Pranayama, Asana and Philosophy. www.beyond-the-asana.com

Adam How, in Chiang Mai, Thailand for his generosity and inspiring practice, it is a pleasure to teach in his beautiful Yoga Studio, a haven in the heart of the city, www.yoga-chiangmai.com

Olop Arpipi in Bali, for his incredible practice and dreamlike surrounding. olopbali@yahoo.com

Christine Monnet a Geneve, for her kind heart and woman approach to practice. chmonnet@yahoo.fr

Clive Sheridan for his amazing introduction to another level of Asana & Pranayama.

To Swamiji form Sivananda Geneva for her complicity in Yoga practice.

Panda for his mastering of Chi Kong and Thai Chi. www.pandataichi.net

Mr. Sutat from the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai, Thai Massage School "Shivagakomarpaj" , www.thaimassageschool.ac.th

Khun Chaiyong Wongtungcharoensuk in Chiva Som for his helpful support during my 6 months contract.

Louisa Sear and Laurie Rose from Talalla retreat in Sri Lanka to invite me in such a heavenly place to teach Yoga for 5 winters

Limitless thanks to my friends throughout time :

Kailash for his support at any time and the fun of sharing a common passion. yogakailash.tripod.com

Ven. Rita Riniker, for her ability to read my thoughts and her kind heart at giving gentle guidance

Ven. Namkha for his endless inspiring practice

Roland for his kind heart and teasing teachings

Jean-Luc Monne for his help abroad and inspiring example of the Practice of Compassion in daily life

My dear friend and inspiring Yogini Natale Ferreira, www.natakali.com


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