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Welcome to Yoga training and thai massage by Sandra

Yoga means union.
Union between body, mind and soul.

: Interview by Alena Ondruskova from Balance Joga Centrum in Slovekia

In Hatha Yoga, perfect harmony is brought about by the practice of Asanas (postures) combined with Awareness, and supported by breathing (pranayam) and in a relax state.

According to Indian legend Yoga was given by the Hindu God Shiva to the Sage Patanjali who wrote the Yoga Sutras.

The Yoga sutras are our guide for Self development and Self realization.

Yoga Citta Vrtti Nirodhah : Y.S 2: 1 : translated by: Yoga starts when the fluctuation of the mind stop

Yoga is divided into :

RAJA Yoga : meditation
JNANA Yoga : philosophy
KARMA Yoga : action
HATHA Yoga : physical exercises
BHAKTI Yoga : devotion

YOGA and it's SPIRIT

From a beginner point of view, often the practice of yoga is a mere desire to feel good, to relax, to stretch, or to become strong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the desire of being healthy, comfortable within one’s body and mind but we must remember that Hatha Yoga (Asana practice) is merely a preparation for meditation (Dhyana). Nowadays Yoga has the tendency to become a materialistic spirituality, one is aiming to develop more power but what is the real goal behind that ? What is the motivation ? Yoga is not a matter of competition !

Yoga is not gymnastic, nor body building ! The breath is generating the movement and the mind abides into it, if not : this is not Yoga.

On the intermediate and more advanced student the motivation is then deepening. As my first Yoga teacher was used to mention : “Be careful, Yoga becomes an addiction !” Indeed after being through a series of intensive training or workshops the Yoga practitioner realizes the deep changes happening within.

At first it might just be that one is more keen to get up earlier and enjoy practicing with sunrise. Diet will change too, taking the direction of staying healthy and clean, avoiding meat, alcohol and smoking, gradually without struggle or repression.
One just feel better with new habits !

At another level when meditation is introduced one will automatically follow Yamas and Niyamas refraining from harmful actions and open one’s heart to compassion and study of the true nature of the Self : thus developing wisdom.

What about a woman practice ?
From my own experience I can definitely not thank Yoga enough for the unending benefits it can bring into a woman life. Being generally more sensitive and emotional than male Yogis, Yoginis mostly due to their monthly circle can experience some strong emotional mood swings which are simply acknowledged and can be balanced through an appropriate practice.

Puberty, pregnancy, delivery, PMS, menstrual circles, menopause, are intense and sometimes stressful periods when the Yogini is encouraged to adapted her Asana practice to her body state and feel fully supported physically and mentally and spiritually for the radiant growth of her inner and outer beauty.

Why do Yoga ?

To bring back the inner harmony dissolved by our modern world.
Yoga teaches us to unify body and thought and mind.
It develops a good physical form, regenerates energies and brings a feeling of well-being.
The benefits of calm and relaxation brought about by Yoga help us to face anxiety and stress, the wounds of our century.
Mood swings and overexertion are replaced by balance of mind and clarity of thought.


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